Sunday, September 9, 2012

"Can we still call you Miss Wittwicke?!"

   First week of teaching 5th grade. CHECK PLUS.

   The first week is all about getting the kids used to their new classroom, teachers, and overall surroundings, so we do a lot of activities revolving around that and really drilling the rules and procedures of the classroom. And honestly, we did a great job doing this (not trying to toot my own horn or anything)! By Day 2 in the a.m., our 5th graders knew exactly where to place their backpacks before assembly and how to line up (numerical order) after recess, lunch, and any other time they need to line up.
   No real behavioral problems just yet except for this group of kids are really chatty (which is totally normal), so refocusing them and getting them to understand that a certain time is "Silent Time" while others are times they can chat with each other have been two main classroom management skills put into play quite frequently. I'm still working on getting that down.
   I have to say, I was very fortunate to have many of these 5th graders in ACE last year because I understand their personalities (and what I should watch out for), and because they know how I am and how I treated them when I was their ACE teacher, we have a mutual understanding of each other. Some of them are already trying so hard to impress me, and it's so adorable! I love that I have this type of relationship with them different from the other teachers.
   I am in awe with the private school schedule. 2 hours of prep time while the children are in Spanish, Library, Computer Science, Science, Physical Education, Music, and/or Performing Arts. WOW. Not to mention once a week they go to Art in the afternoons right after lunch so that's an extra hour of prep! I'm not used to this at all. When I was student teaching at a public school, I had an hour of prep time twice a week (THAT was lucky) and taught every subject back to back with barely a break during recess and lunch. Also, I have a co-teacher at WNS in the classroom! I can't help but feel so very fortunate.
   I can't wait to start teaching the core subjects next week! :)

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